Hosting Platform

Your site or services will run on top-of-the-line systems, with continually expanding capacity for future growth requirements. All software is secured and reviewed regularly for performance and security enhancements.

Ithought has moved from a colocation facility in Atlanta to cloud servers from Digital Ocean. This enables quicker responses to traffic spikes and outages recovery, and the ability to offer dedicated environments for lower prices.

On top of the basics, I provide:

  • Onsite and offsite backups of files and databases.
  • Cloud e-mail hosting from Rackspace.
  • Remote monitoring of all systems and services from another datacenter.
  • Hardware RAID systems in every server.
  • SSL, DNSSEC, CDN, DDOS protection (when I manage your domain name).

Photo of the old rack from 2008

ithoughtly proudly uses services from:

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